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Bula Vinaka All,

A greeting from the Mountains of Tavakubu.

We are closing in to the end of 3rd School Term as well the end of 2016. A lot have happened over the weeks and months in our school which involves everyone in our BPFBI school community. This week has been no different as we say goodbye to the Fiji Year 10 Certificate Examination, formerly known as FJC or Fiji Junior Certificate. This examination is prepared by the Ministry of Education Fiji for all Year 10’s in the country. Now next week is our Year 12’s turn as they are going to welcome their Fiji Year 12 Exam which was commonly known before as FSLC. We wish our Year 12 the very best on their examination.

For my blog this week, I will be presenting on the topics listed below;

1.     FY10CE: Re-introduction

2.     Make-up Test

3.     Pinktober Morning Tea


1.  FY10CE: Re-introduction

Fiji Year 10 Certificate Examination or FY10CE was again re-introduced in Fiji after a laps of a few years in 2015. This examination was previously called Fiji Junior Certificate or FJC. The preparation of the examination is solely done by the Ministry of Education therefore it is a final external examination for all Year 10’s all over Fiji. This week, our students sat for their last FY10CE paper which is Basic Technology and we hope they would be able to produce great results for our school.


2.   Make-up Test

Make-up Test is available for our ESL Students who do not sit for their exams on the initial sitting. This test are usually taken by students who are away from school because of illness, travelling and other reasons. For a student to be qualified to sit for Make-up Test, he or she needs some sort of proofs or evidence for whichever reasons she was not able to be present during the initial test. This procedures has been very effective over the years and it is also very helpful to our ESL students.

Our ESL Year 10 students enjoying their Special Programme after their FY10C Examination


3.   Pinktober Morning Tea

The month of October has been significant in the last few year due to the events that is associated to it in terms of cancer awareness campaign. This year, for the first time,  the teachers and the staff of our company organised a morning tea just to raise awareness on issues related to cancer and women. The event was a successful one and we are hoping to go big and better next year in terms of our organisation and preparation.

This brings me to the end of my Report and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Vinaka vakalevu.





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