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Bula Vinaka to You All,

I am Seru Vuiyasawa the Executive Teacher for Ba Provincial Free Bird Institute and this is my Blog for the Week 14 of Term 2, 2016. In this blog, I would like to share a few things with you below.

1. 30 New Open-Campus Students
2. Open-Campus Students Filed Trip
3. New School Building
4. Term End Examination

1. New Open-Campus Students

This is Week 14 on our school calendar and it is the last week of school in Term 2 of 2016. Last week, we farewelled 23 OC students and received a total of 30 new OC students. Most of students will be spending 2 weeks here at BPFBI but some will stay for 3 weeks and some for a month. Upon arrival on Monday, the group went through their orientation here in school and also in Lautoka City before they picked up their uniforms from the shops. They were sent to their first class straight after the Local Orientation on Tuesday morning.

※Sorry to small photos…!

2. On-Campus Students Field Trip

Out of the 30 students arrived on Monday last week, 28 opted for the Fijian Village Tour to Natalau village. Mrs Cagi, Ms Watanabe and Ms Ma Ledua joined the students on their field trip. On the trip, the students would be able to experience how people in the village live their lives, their traditions and culture and also the Fijian hospitality.

3. New School Building

Our two new classrooms building that was funded by the Japanese Embassy in Fiji has quickly taken its shape and we are looking forward to its full completion next term.

4. Term End Examination

Term End Examination for Term 2 started last week and it will finish on Wednesday this week. This is the last assessment for this Term and it is a good time for students to gauge themselves on how well they have performed within the Term.

Thank you for reading and see you next time.
Vinaka vakalevu.

Seru R Vuiyasawa




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