During the school break

Bula Vinaka All,

A big BULA to all of you once again from the Mountains of Tavakubu
– now a home to 104 Japanese Students who have decided to fly away
from the Land of the Sun to the Horizon here at Ba Provincial Free Bird Institute.

On this report I would like to briefly update you on some of the major events that happened this week.

Below are some of the topics that I would like to present to you.

1. Special Programme
2. New Arrivals
3. Rehabilitation

1. Special Programme

Our Special Programme was reduced to one week
due to the disruption caused by Cyclone Winston
and the ongoing heavy rain which caused a flash flood around the Western Division.
A total of 13 students were present during the Special Programme

2. New Arrivals

We received a total of 16 new students on Friday.
They will join the 13 OCs that we have had from last Term in the new term.
We will be looking after a total of 108 formal students from the beginning of Term 2.
Orientations and Placement Test will be done on Monday the 9th of May.

3. Rehabilitation

Our ESL Students and Local Dormitory Girls is going to enjoy
the new extension of the Dining Hall from the beginning of Term 2.
The new extension will cover the areas of the outside kitchen sink
and the entrance to the dining hall.
Also new is the canteen after repairs due to the destruction caused by Cyclone Winston.

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Thank you for reading and see you next time.

Vinaka vakalevu.




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