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Sa malo a bula.

A big BULA to all of you once again from the Mountains of Tavakubu – a new home to our 105 Japanese Students who are studying at Ba Provincial Free Bird Institute. On this report I would like to briefly update you on some of the major events that happened recently.

Below are some of the topics that I would like to present to you.

1. Lautoka Athletics Zone Meet
2. FNPF Hype
3. Happy Birthday

1. Lautoka Athletics Zone Meet

Three of our Japanese students took part in the Lautoka Athletics Zone. This is an annual event and a very important one to all the high school students all over Fiji. This competition is the qualification for the Coca Cola Games which is held in Suva every year at the end of First Term. These three students are Yuki, Ryota and Yudai. They are very popular in school amongst the students and even the teachers too.

2. FNPF Hype

For a few weeks now, the discussion of FNPF Assistance for Cyclone Winston Rehabilitation has been a very hot topic. Two weeks ago, FNPF Offices around Fiji were crowded with people hoping to be assisted by this programme. People talked about long queues and long hours of waiting. Last week, the most common asked question in most part of Fiji is “Iko sa tara?” or “Iko sa taura na nomu?” meaning “You’ve got it?” or “You’ve got yours?” This question is referred to FNPF Assistance. So the next time you meet your Fijian colleagues, don’t forget to ask “Iko sa tara?”

3. Happy Birthday

We attended one of the best Birthday Party last week. I am saying that it was the best because the Birthday Girl, Ms Shainaz Ali prepared everything for her birthday. All we did was sing the Birthday Song and enjoy the birthday cake. This was such a wonderful birthday party and congratulation Shainaz.

Thank you for reading and see you next time.

Vinaka vakalevu.




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