School life in Week 9


Bula!This is Mrs. Cagi, the manager of Ba Provincial Free Bird Instiute音譜

Whole School Being Disciplined
In week 9 the whole school was in detention. This was because the Principle was not happy with after the classroom inspection. Students were not allowed out of their classroom during Lunch time. They had to quietly sit inside and do their private study.

Lautoka Zone Meet

2 of our student took part in the zone meet. Although they tried their best they will not be going to The Coco Cola games in Suva.

Mana during her event

Raito during his event

Students and volunteer showing their support

Proud To be a Profarian

When we say we are “Profarians” it simply means we are students from Ba Provincial Free bird Institute or support that school. We show our support during different games whether it’s a Athletics event, a Rugby game or a netball game. So the Profarian were out in numbers to support the Athletics squad at the Lautoka Zone Meet on Friday last week.

Please check below for Pictures of Profarians

Thank you very much for reading and have a wonderful week everyone!!